Iconic's objects from the covid-19 shortage
During the beginning of the first lockdown in France it appears that we were facing a major shortage. Basic medic's protection equipment latex gloves, covid tests,
thermometer, hydroalcoholic gel container and even the gel by itself. And later while people in my city were trying to sew mask and blouse, a lackness of elastic strings. I decided to collect the item that people made to palliate those needs. Those objects become for me the symbols of this Historic moment, of this sudden momentum of solidarity. I bring them in my photo studio and shoot them as iconic objects in honor of this volunteers that work so hard to help our medics to work against the covid-19. 

Recyled textile became masks, Garbage bags became blouse, Sewing machine and 3d printers became massive weapon to fight for the citizen of my small city.
Garbage bags sewn in blouse to palliate the shortage of medical blouse for nurse and medics at the hospital
This overall are made with an under blouse made from wintering veil and an apron made from painter's tarpaulin protection
Face shield made with 3d printer
Alcoholic gel sell in water bottle at pharmacy
Volunteer's sewing machine
An emergency doctor using donated tatoo artist's gloves
An emergency doctor wearing a blouse made of garbage bags
Recycled textile turned on masks and elastics
All this pictures were made with the help of Fujifilm France who lend me their GFX 50 R and Nicolas Havette on behalf of the foundation Manual Rivera Ortiz who invited me to host my photo studio during the spring's lockdown and to exhibit my work on summer 2020

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