Meet people, pitch ideas.
Write scenarios, learn new stuff.
Cast some talents, build a crew.
Try to make that each one feel precious.
Start shooting, do few retakes.
Say "it's a wrap", thanks everyone.
Back up the files, drive equipment back.
Edit on premiere pro, compositing and motion design on after effects.
Deliver on time, do the modifications as fast as "already done".
Feel happy to receive no more news.
See the job online.
Publish it on my portfolio.
Take a day off with my three year's old son.
Work with me ?
Jonathan Max Pierredon  
Tel :  (33) 0616350868
I have a professional drone pilot licence
 approved by the DGAC 
I have experience in these following countries :
Italia, Portugal, Spain, Dubaï, Madagascar, Mauritius, India, 
Indonesia, Thaïland, Germany,  Belgium, Tunisia, Russia, Romania...
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